Service updates & notes

Here we will publish changes to our services, new concepts and general comments.

19 September 2018

  • We have introduced a simple and very accessible membership structure. For casual and infrequent readers we have created a 1-day pass for USD 1. For the regular visitor we have created a 6-month pass for the insane amount of $ 17.50. That means you effectively buy us a cup of coffee once a month! Hardly a price to pay for valuable content, even if you use is sparingly. This website is not my main revenue stream, but does cost a lot of time to maintain. Older reports remain accessible without an account for later reference and as showcase.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal or via (international) bankwire.

8 May 2018

  • We are invited as quested to the Cannes Film Festival. Services will be interrupted between Friday 11 and Tuesday 15 May.
  • We are concentrating Paid Services on custom-made products and on-demand reporting. Previous article restrictions will be phased out over the coming days and weeks. Ads will be placed sparingly as minor compensation.
  • Due to lack of demand we have dropped equity coverage. Sectors and Indices will still be monitored. Time constraints have forced us to abandon NSE India equity coverage.

19 April 2018

  • If you find a particular currency cross (notably exotics) missing from our current coverage, please send us an email. Time allowing, we’ll add the cross to our list or at least make an quick one time update for you (depending on the currencies). Requesting is free of course.
  • To avoid confusion, all comments always refer to the item being discussed: talking about a long-entry in a bond yield report means an buy-signal in yields (and thus sell for bonds) even if one cannot directly trade a certain item.
  • Please note that for article titles, we use the ‘formal’ XXX/YYY notation for currencies. Searching for XXXYYY (without the “/”) will not yield your desired output.

9 April 2018

  • We are changing the article structure over the coming days and weeks. This could lead to a 404-error message (page not found) if you have bookmarked a page in your browser. You should be redirected to the homepage where you can find the article via the search box (top right hand, next to main menu bar).
  • Old articles (pre 2017) on items we no longerĀ actively cover (Such as Japan, HK, Australia, Singapore etc.) will be deleted completely. We’ve published over 4000 articles between early 2010 and mid 2017, most of which are obviously no longer valid anyway and are cluttering the server. An off-line backup of the database has been made for legal purposes.