Below you find the most common FAQ’s. If your question is not on the list or you find the answer unclear, please do not hesitate in contacting us: info@xocharting.com or via Skype: XOCharting.com

Free demo?

We do not offer a free demo on our signup page. Our membership options are self-explanatory and all articles older than ~6-months can be found in the ‘archived‘ section for reference.

If feel you still need a free demo, you may request one via Skype or email. We’ll gladly help you out.

Sales Tax

All shown prices are excluding 21% Sales Tax. For customers from the Netherlands 21% BTW will be added before the checkout/off line billing. For businesses outside the Netherlands we are not required to charge sales tax.

Account Cancellations & Renewal

Membership end automatically after the expiration date. We do not use automatic billing, so cancelling is not needed. You can still access you account after expiration to use any remaining On-Demand credits.

Memberships are easily renewed from your membership page. For privacy, we remove any inactive account (without credits) after 6+ months.

Institutional vs Advisory

The actual difference between Institutional  and Advisory clients is the right to white-label the content and/or redistribute the information under your company’s name to clients if you have an Institutional account. Also you are allowed to link more users to the account (10 versus 4). Content itself is the same.

Individual Investors

We focus on professional clients (advisers, investment firms, small and medium banks, small and medium business, pension funds etc.). Our pricing is extremely competitive, especially compared to in-house research. We can keep it that way because of low overhead costs. Servicing individuals has significant impact on overhead (help desks, legal requirements etc).

Although more experienced individuals will understand our reports with ease, the risks of misuse in the hands of inexperienced individuals is not in anyone’s interest. We do offer a lower-price level product that could suit your needs.

Market Coverage?

Our current coverage includes: North America, Euronext, Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Intermarket (FX/Commo/Bonds/Indices/sectors). Other markets are available on request/On Demand. Please contact us for details.

For North America we cover the various sectors including (minimally) the top 20 stocks within those sectors. In the background we have low priority scans on the top 200 small- and mid caps.

For Europe we cover roughly 400 stocks, mostly from the Euro Stoxx 600, excluding Italy, Spain and Portugal due to lack of demand. We can add these markets if needed.

For Britain we cover the top 100-120 stocks.

Other stocks might reach our radar after extensive filtering. However stocks below USD 200 mln market cap are not covered, nor are penny stocks.

Market Strategy

We use a strict top-down approach to our research. Market outlook + sector performance + relative strength within sector + best risk/reward = best opportunity.

Trading against the trend can be rewarding at times. We allow ourselves to publish such articles but not frequently and with a clear message of the increased risk beforehand.

About Support/Resistance

Various pivots can be found on a chart: highs/lows, Fibonacci, Ichimoku, trend lines etc. The reliability of these techniques vary depending on the market phase. We use the most reliable ones at various times.

Support/resistance are highly subjective and cannot be automated with any real reliability, other than for ‘marketing’ purposes.

Levels at times might have an asterisk (*) attached. This suggests a projection (up or down) rather than proven pivot. For instance, a weekly uptrend can have support formed by a downward price projection on the daily chart. In other words, the price target on the daily beartrend can actually be a good support point for the weekly uptrend.

Levels at times also have a plus (+) or minus (-) attached. This just means “and higher” or “and lower”. Almost always this means that there are no reliable or nearby levels other than those mentioned (after breaching all-time-highs, for instance).


On Demand reporting is our Flagship product that you will not find elsewhere, certainly not at our pricing. As our client you have the right to request On Demand reports (10 per quarter) on most global stock/commodity/forex items. Reports have our priority as we understand the importance of time-to-market for you and your clients. Time frames include daily/weekly charts and – if relevant – a spread chart versus an other stock or index. Generally On Demand reports are send out within a few hours of receiving the request (note that we operate in the European Time zone).

On Demand reports are yours and yours alone. We do not publish the reports openly on our site, nor do we redistribute any information about you, the subject, the request anywhere else. You will receive an email with a link to a private page. All information on that page can be passed on to your client directly or used in your own publication (“White Label”).

Obviously, if an On Demand report is requested about a common instrument (forex/index) there is a possibility that information from your report is reused elsewhere in our publications (i.e. EUR/USD, Nasdaq etc).

On Demand Credits?

When signing up you receive on demand ‘credits’ on your account. These credits can be used for requesting on demand reports (1 credit = 1 report). The credits remain valid for about 6 months after purchase, even after membership expiration.

If you need more credits before your membership expires, please contact us so we can help you further.

Other markets and products?

Other markets, products or custom projects can be built to your specific needs. Examples:

  • Periodic pivots and trends for Treasury Desks/special products desks
  • Daily reports
  • Scanning of portfolio’s
  • “Switch proposals”: inter-sector relative strength analysis between stocks
  • Daily market calls
  • Asian market coverage
  • Other languages
  • etc.

Extra work will be charged separately depending on the amount of work and it’s complexity. Please contact us to discuss possibilities and costs.